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Wakeboarding, Wakeskating, Wakesurfing, Wakeboards, Wakeskates, Wakeboarders, Wakeskaters and Wakesurfers have been the focus of our attention at Hansens WWC, World Wakeboard Center for over 23 years.

Our camps are dedicated to the success of each rider attending our camp. In addition to our full time wakeboard, wakeskate and wakesurf program, World Wakeboard Center has weekly sessions that operate year round.







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Andy Hansen

Andy has been told by many that he is the best coach in the industry. He has taught thousands to learn there first inverts and spins. He is known for understanding exactly where the mechanics are breaking down and then provides a simple building block method for riders to accomplish new skills in a very safe manner. 

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Reed Hansen

Come and experience Reed’s coaching and riding for yourself. Simply the best wakeskating has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.  Reed has more wakeskate titles than anyone else in the world. In addition to his skills and coaching ability, he is just the nicest person to be with.  Call Joni (352-425-2894) to determine a customized program including all of Reed’s coaching services.  

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Trevor Hansen

Trevor has a very impressive resume of coaching riders to new levels of riding. From beginners to the top pros in the world, Trevor understands what it takes to accomplish new moves for the first time and get them “locked” in to perform consistently. Trevor is a former Pro Wakeboard Champion! Call Joni (352-425-2894) to inquire about special lodging and customized programs offered for Trevor’s coaching services. 

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Matt Manzari

Matt is an awesome WWC coach. He has excellent skills to keep people safe and advance riders to their next level no matter what the riding objective! Matt’s personality keeps learning fun and riders encouraged through the process. 

“I have been to most every camp from east to west side, and I tell you the WWC accommodations are the best wakeboarding has to offer” –Joey

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19022 Orange Avenue, Groveland, Florida 34736