Your time at WWC Camp

Sunday Evening: Orientation includes a 6:30 welcome dinner (camp guests) and 7:00 information session (for everyone) to inform students of the operational details including; camp policies, procedures, equipment, safety and the program.

Monday-Saturday: Begins bright and early with a well balanced breakfast served in a family atmosphere. Nutrition is important while riding, so there is no skimping in quality or quantity of food.

Wakeboard Sessions begin shortly after breakfast and continue until lunch time.

Lunch break at 12 noon.

Wakeboard Sessions resume after a short break and continues until dinner.


Recreation at the Center includes television, ping pong, pool, foosball and wakeboard videos. Wi-Fi is also free of charge in the student lodge. 

During the week, those interested may wish to go out for ice cream or movies as a group. All off campus evening activities are supervised for those under eighteen. Also, weekend trips to tourist attractions can be arranged.