Watersports Paradise

The Camp

Video and Images Captured

Sessions can be captured and reviewed with your coach for the benefit of the visual learners. Visual Learning Style students can maximize their opportunity for learning through what is often an entertaining viewing. Video productions and personal videos can be produced for riders. Check for availability and extra costs associated with this program.

Private Lakes for Quality Riding 

All of Hansen’s WWC lakes are perfect for quality training. Lake Hansen is crystal clear and entices every wakeboarder to train and play hard. The trampolines on the shoreline are great to work on spins and flips between water sessions.  Battle Falls cable is first and best of it’s kind.  Local Chain of lakes are also perfect for wakeboarding on calm shore lines all day and used on some occasions.

Dry Land Simulators

TRAMPOLINE: For wakeboard training there is no better way to simulate the maneuvers performed on the water. It is important to develop muscle memory in the body.  The trampoline, with proper supervision, is a safe way to learn rotating maneuvers.

Comfortable Lodging

Class Leading Boats


The 2017 Moomba Mojo is the flagship of the Moomba line. At a whopping 23 feet, it boasts all the room you need for every rider in your crew and an interior with all the comforts you’d expect from a class leading tow-boat. Powered by the Industry leading Raptor by Indmar 6.2L engine and paired with Moomba’s exclusive Auto-Flow system the Mojo makes waves that rival even the most expensive competitors.

The Camp