World Wakeboard Center

World Wakeboard Center

World Wakeboard Center


At World Wakeboard Center, we offer guests of all ages and backgrounds a structured opportunity for growth. Our enriched program is designed to promote independence and self-confidence all while making new friends and learning exciting new skills. To find out more and to discover if our Water Sports Camp is a good fit for you or your child, please read on or get in touch with us.



Thanks to our many years of experience in training, we can support you as a beginner in overcoming your fear and introducing you to your first ride behind the boat. 

We are happy to coach anyone who already has experience on the wakeboard whether it be with the small details or the huge accomplishments of learning new tricks, WWC will be there to support and fulfil your wakeboard goals.

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World Wakeboard Center


With our experience and our patience we will offer you an exciting time on our wave, whether you are a beginner or an experienced wakesurfer. We look forward to supporting you in your sense of achievement.

Stand up paddling

After an exciting and eventful day relax and enjoy some time on our stand up paddles.



World Wakeboard Center is located on a private lake filled with clear spring water in serene Groveland, Florida.


Our Malibu MXZ-24 offers you a guaranteed a great wave. In addition, the boat is equipped with a power wedge to offer you the necessary adjustments.

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Jamie Huser

I'm Jamie Huser and I've been wakeboarding since I was 3 years old.

Since my introduction to wakeboarding, I’ve wanted nothing more than to introduce others to this amazing sport. A few of my accomplishments would include winning the Malibu riders experience overall, a couple Pro tour stops and the world championships in junior pro. At our wakeboarding school I can teach others to love the sport and all things watersports the way I do.



If you have any questions about our offers, WWC looks forward to hearing from you

World Wakeboard Center

World Wakeboard Center

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